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National Noodle Ring Day

National Noodle Ring Day is dedicated to a type of noodle dish that is made in a ring mold or Bundt pan. Noodle rings do not appear in many cookbooks today, but there was a time when their recipes were more easily found. A 1936 Pennsylvania Dutch recipe called for noodles to be mixed with flour, eggs, milk, and cheese, and to be put in a mold and baked. This is similar to other noodle ring recipes. Noodle Kugel, a Jewish dish, has similar ingredients, and is popular during Shabbat and Yom Tov. The center of the mold of a noodle ring is often filled. A 1965 Catholic cookbook recommended serving the dish during Lent and filling the middle hole with creamed fish or vegetables. Another popular filling for the center has been creamed chicken. It is unknown who created the day and when they did so, but with the creation of the day, it is certain the noodle ring will live on.

How to Observe National Noodle Ring Day

Celebrate the day by making a noodle ring for a meal!


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