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National Compliment Day

"That was a really great idea you came up with!" "It sure is nice having you around!" "You brighten up the room so much!" These are just a few of the things that people could say when they come into contact with others on National Compliment Day. To be celebrated properly, those participating are to give out at least five compliments to different people. Complimenting others is an easy way to connect and it benefits both the giver and the receiver. When someone participates in an act of kindness, such as complimenting, a whole group of positive things may be experienced. Compliments help decrease pain, stress, and insomnia; they increase productivity and serotonin levels and boost the immune system. Receiving a compliment is also just as much of a reward to the brain as being given money.

How to Observe National Compliment Day

Celebrate the day by complimenting at least five people. Compliment loved ones, but also those you don't know, and even those you don't particularly like! Make sure all your compliments are sincere. Those you compliment will feel better, and so will you!

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