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International Artist Day

Celebrated by artists and their supporters around the world, International Artist Day honors the contributions that artists make to society. It is a day for promoting and raising artists' credibility and visibility both locally and globally, and for acknowledging their great social impact. On the day, art is enjoyed and appreciation is shown to artists. This is done in part by festivals and events, such as International Artist Day Fine Art Shows. These shows increase the visibility of art and artists in many genres, like painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, digital art, glass art, music, literary arts, acting, and dance. The holiday was first celebrated in 2004, having been started by Chris MacClure, a Canadian romantic realist artist.

How to Observe International Artist Day

Celebrate the day by organizing or attending an event or festival such as an International Artist Day Fine Art Show. Explore the many types of art that are celebrated at these events, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, digital art, glass art, music, literature, acting, and dance. An IAD Fine Art Show can include all of these types of art, but the creators of the day suggest narrowing the focus of your event so that you can attract the right artists, and so that the event's sponsors and buyers align with each other. They suggest contacting artists in advance, hosting the event at a space that is reflective to the quality of the art, and having something exclusive and exciting at it to attract a buying crowd. IAD Fine Art Shows don't just promote to local buyers, but also to an international crowd, which reflects a global perspective and high quality.

Some other ways the creators of the day suggest celebrating include taking an artist out to lunch, buying a painting, visiting a gallery, going to a symphony, or participating in something creative outside of your daily routine. You could check for events happening nearby, write a guest blog for the day, look into services that those behind the day offer for artists and art show producers, follow the day on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to the day's newsletter.

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