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Share a Smile Day

On March 1, since at least 1997, people share a smile or multiple smiles. When they do so, the person they are smiling at often smiles back. This response is largely automatic, being caused by an unconscious automatic response area of the brain called the cingulate cortex. By smiling at them, and causing them to smile, the initial smiler helps to release feel-good chemicals like dopamine in the brain of the recipient of the smile, which can help elevate their mood.

There are countless other benefits that the initiator of the smile can spread to another by sharing a smile. Their blood pressure, heart rate, pain, and stress can be reduced. Their endurance can be increased, their immune system can be strengthened, and the health of their cells can be improved. By getting them to smile, their productivity and creativity can be boosted, and they may be perceived as being more courteous, competent, likable, and trustworthy. By sharing a smile, a smiler not only brings benefits to themselves, but to those they smile at as well. Isn't that worth smiling about?

How to Observe Share a Smile Day

Celebrate the day by smiling at all those you come into contact with. Chances are high they will smile back! Perhaps they will in turn smile at others throughout the day, and the positive effect of your first smile will be multiplied!

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