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National Teenager Day

Teenagers: we've all been one at one time, or maybe are one right now. They are either about to enter high school, are in high school, or are starting college. Their bodies and minds are going through changes and they are finding out who they are: the things that define them as human beings and how they want to be perceived by others. Sometimes they get a bad rap for being troublemakers or for being disrespectful, but most of the time they are kind and helpful. They are learning to drive, going to dances, and having their first kisses. Peer pressure and bullying surrounds them. They are worried what their grades are but might be even more worried about what they look like. They may often think that their parents are unhip, and may often ignore their rules, but deep down they are thankful that their parents care for them. Some of these things may be more true for some than for others, but overall they illustrate the teenage experience. National Teenager Day is dedicated to teenagers, and to all those who have grown older but still have the teenage spirit within them.

How to Observe National Teenager Day

If you are a teenager, today is for you! Celebrate the day by embracing your age and doing some of the things that you think define you as a teenager. If you are parents to a teenager, do something extra special for them today. Perhaps you could take them out for pizza or ice cream, or give them money to go see a movie. Everyone could get in contact with some of their friends from their teenage years, and go out and do something they used to do when they were teenagers. Some other ways to celebrate the day could be to listen to classic teenage songs, or to watch films about teenagers, such as Rebel Without a Cause, American Graffiti, Mean Girls, or The Breakfast Club.

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