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National Forgiveness & Happiness Day

National Forgiveness & Happiness Day celebrates unconditional love. Armed with this love and with forgiveness, people take the time and put in the effort that is needed to repair damaged relationships. People are encouraged to ask for forgiveness and to forgive each other. The day fosters awareness for and understanding of the power of love, the joy of forgiveness, and the peace of humility. A religious-based holiday, created and sponsored by Robert Moyers and the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance, its ultimate goal is "to do the will of God each day and to love one another as God loves us." The day's architects came up with the "Prayer of Forgiveness," which asks God to forgive others, for help to forgive others, and for help to forgive oneself. The prayer also asks for restoration of joy and removal of bitterness. The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance also came up with the "Be Healthy Plan For Positive People," a plan which is to be shared with others on the day.

How to Observe National Forgiveness & Happiness Day

Observe the day by working to repair damaged relationships, by asking for forgiveness, by forgiving others, and by forgiving yourself. During past celebrations, events have been held in Liberty Center, Ohio, the village that the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance calls home—and you could travel there today. The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance came up with both the "Prayer of Forgiveness" and the "Be Healthy Plan For Positive People," which were designed to be used today. They are as follows:

"Prayer Of Forgiveness"

Please forgive them. Help me to forgive them. Please forgive me. Help me to forgive myself. Please remove my bitterness and unforgiveness. Please restore my joy. Thank you. Amen!

"Be Healthy Plan For Positive People"

Declare the day a joyful day. Speak the truth with love. Ask good questions. Listen with understanding. Think in silence. Do not give permission for anger and hurt to take away your joy. Restore relationships by asking what you can do to make the relationship better.

Ask for forgiveness and forgive others.

Stop having to be right, finding fault, trying to control things you cannot control, and being selfish. Break bad habits and addictions and distress by saying "I want to stop. I can't stop. Take away my desire."

Use your 7 super powers. You have the power to control attitude, honesty, communications, love, encouragement, forgiveness and being humble and admitting shortcomings. Say these 21 wonderful words as often as possible: I'm wrong. I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. You're welcome. Please. What is your opinion? I love you. Yes. No. We may be the most important word. We were made in the image of God. Know that the power of love and the joy of forgiveness exists inside of you.

Love to all. Amen.

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