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Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

Snowflakes are associated with the holiday season, and today is a day to cut them out of paper. Cut out snowflakes are popular with kids, but today anyone can make them. A variation of Japanese origami is called kirigami. While both include folding paper, in kirigami you unfold the paper and then make cuts with a scissors. With cut out snowflakes you usually cut the paper when it is still folded, and then open it to reveal a snowflake. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, it is easy to make many different designs of cut out snowflakes.

How to Observe Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

Celebrate the day by making cut out snowflakes! All you really need is some paper and a scissors. There are many templates you could use, and with just a little variation in your cutting, you can create a whole different snowflake.


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