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National Frappé Day

The frappé, a frothy and foamy chilled or iced drink, is celebrated today with National Frappé Day. Frappés usually are made with instant coffee, water, ice, and sugar. Milk and vanilla may be added, and they may have a topping, such as whipped cream. Sometimes liqueurs like Kahlúa or Baileys Irish Cream are even mixed in. They get their foam and frothiness from being shaken, blended, or beaten. Ice-crushing blenders are ideal to make them, but shakers can also be used, as can electric milk frothers or milkshake machines. They are usually mixed with ice, but additional ice can be added after they are made. Although they generally are made with coffee, other chilled drinks of other flavors, made with fruit, juices, teas, or chocolate, may also be given the name. It may also be applied to a number of other iced coffee drinks.

Cold coffee drinks called café frappé date to the nineteenth century, but what we know today as a frappé reportedly was invented in 1957 at the Thessaloniki International Fair in Greece. Giannis Dritsas was exhibiting a children's drink for Nestlé made by shaking cocoa and milk. Dritsas's employee, Dimitrios Vakondios, was looking for a way to make coffee, but couldn't find any hot water. So he used one of Dritsas's shakers to make a drink with cold water, ice, and instant coffee. The frappé was born!

Frappés now can be found everywhere around Greece. Nestlé marketing campaigns of the 1980s expanded their popularity, and they became associated with the company's coffee, Nescafé. They gained even more notoriety outside of Greece after the 2004 Summer Olympics were held in Athens. In 1995, Starbucks came out with the Frappuccino, a cross between a frappé and a cappuccino. McDonald's debuted two frappé flavors in 2010. Frappés continue to remain popular and are celebrated and enjoyed today on National Frappé Day.

How to Observe National Frappé Day

Celebrate by having a frappé! Make your own or have one at a cafe, coffee shop, or restaurant. Make sure to check for discounts and deals, which some establishments offer on the day!

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