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National Pro-Life Cupcake Day




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National Pro-Life Cupcake Day is sponsored by Cupcakes For Life, a group that wants people to know that they care about unborn children and that because of abortion, not every child has a chance to celebrate a birthday. They remember the children who are aborted by handing out cupcakes. The group sees the handing out of cupcakes as a non-confrontational way to connect with the public on a controversial issue. The goal of the day is to raise awareness and start a dialogue about abortion, with the ultimate goal of changing people's minds and saving lives.

The group encourages everyone to decorate cupcakes to give away at schools, churches, work, festivals, community events, in public places, and outside of grocery stores. They encourage giving them out to both people you know and to strangers. They also encourage people to be loving and respectful if they face opposition. Besides giving the cupcakes away for free, some people have sold the cupcakes or taken donations, and given the money to pregnancy centers and groups like Save the Storks.

How to Observe National Pro-Life Cupcake Day

If you are pro-life, you could celebrate the day by getting people together to make and design cupcakes, and then hand them out. Words like "Life," "Baby," and "Love" could be put on the cupcakes. Some may choose to make 25 cupcakes, while others may choose to make 2,500. If you are unable to make some, you could purchase them at a store. When handing out cupcakes, Cupcakes For Life recommends that people say something like, "We just want people to remember that not every baby has the chance to have a birthday because of abortion." The goal is to get people thinking and perhaps start a dialogue.

In order to be more effective in messaging, Cupcakes For Life suggests that participants could have fetal development pictures or models set up. They suggest not having images of abortions up, as those images may turn people off immediately. But, they do suggest having display boards with information about abortion available. They have T-shirts, banners, and info cards available for purchase. You could also make your own.

To become more involved, you could become a Regional Manager. In doing so, other interested people will be directed to you for guidance. Regional Managers help build strong local teams for the day, which in turn helps build a strong national team. Regional Managers are responsible to find five other people who will put on events during the day. All participants are also encouraged to be part of the prayer team, and to pray for those giving and receiving cupcakes. In order to have up-to-date information on the day, participants can subscribe to the day's newsletter, and visit its Facebook page.

Those who do not agree with the messaging of the day may decide not to participate. Some may choose to eat a cupcake, some may choose to engage in respectful dialogue, and others may choose to not engage at all.

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