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Lips Appreciation Day

Lips Appreciation Day was created as a day to do something nice for your lips, such as giving them some lip balm and letting them be kissed. Protecting lips with a balm is important, as it can shield them from harmful UV rays that cause cancer. It can also be important because lips don't have any sweat glands, causing them to dry up quickly. One reason kissing is so enjoyable is that lips are 100 times more sensitive than fingertips. Kissing also is important because pheromones and biological information may be shared during it, which may help with choosing a mate. It's important to appreciate your lips because no one has any just like yours! They are unique just like fingerprints are!

How to Observe Lips Appreciation Day

Celebrate the day by taking care of your lips. You could make some homemade lip balm, or pick up some balm from Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays, the creators of this day. The day could be celebrated by kissing and whistling. If it weren't for the orbicularis oris muscle in the upper lip, we wouldn't be able to whistle! The day could also be used to learn some interesting facts about lips that will help you appreciate them more. For example, did you know that the tissue around lips is actually opaque but just seems pink? This is because lips have only three to six layers of skin, while other skin has sixteen layers.

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