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National Read a Book Day

National Read a Book Day encourages people to pause from their busy lives to spend the day reading a book of their choosing. While the holiday takes place just one day a year, on September 6, reading can be a daily, lifetime endeavor, which is what National Read a Book Day aims to engender. Libraries have marked National Read a Book Day with book giveaways and recommendations. Book stores have taken part too, offering discounts on books on the day. Even the highest rungs of the United States government have gotten involved in the day when First Lady Melania Trump donated books by Dr. Seuss to a public school in each state in honor of the day.

Reading, which allows participants to escape their world, if only for a moment, and enter a new one, has a seemingly endless amount of physical and mental benefits. It enables a reader to expand their knowledge on any subject they wish. It increases brain connectivity by strengthening the network of circuits and signals in the brain. It improves concentration and memory. It increases empathy, compassion, understanding, and an awareness of social complexities. Reading improves vocabulary and language comprehension, critical thinking, communication, and writing skills. It reduces stress and depression and slows cognitive decline in the aging population. For all these reasons, reading is essential today, on National Read a Book Day and every day!

How to Observe National Read a Book Day

  • Start reading a new book or finish one you've already started.
  • Check for events held at your local library in honor of the day.
  • See if any bookstores near you are offering discounts for the day.
  • Put together a list of books you'd like to read throughout your life. Get ideas for books to add to your list—as well as to read today—by going through online lists of the best fiction and nonfiction books of all time.
  • Read a book to someone.
  • Donate your already-read and gently used books to a library, bookstore, or resale shop.
  • Join a book club.

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