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Bubble Bath Day

Bubble baths are relaxing, and are thought to cleanse the skin and open pores. There also is a belief that the bubbles help to insulate bath water, keeping it warm longer. Bubble baths are fun for adults, and especially are popular with children, who many times are convinced to take their baths because of the bubbles. So, it is only natural that bubble baths would get their own day. Bubble baths are created by a layer of surfactant foam on top of water. Surfactants themselves are called "bubble bath," as well as "bath foam" and "foaming bath." Besides making bubbles, some bubble bath products may be used to wash skin and hair as well. Originally bubble baths were made with soap. Today the substances used to make bubble baths may be liquid, gel, powder, grains, or tablets. By the 1960s, surfactants were mass marketed, and bubble baths were the norm for children. Bub and Matey was an early bubble bath that was marketed shortly before 1960. Sometimes aerated bathtubs, such as whirlpools with jets, or carbonated baths such as those that use bath bombs, are also called bubble baths. Surfactants usually are not added to these, as the bubbles may get out of hand.

How to Observe Bubble Bath Day

Celebrate the day by taking a bubble bath. There are many bubble bath products you could choose from. One of the most popular is Mr. Bubble. Light some candles or put on some relaxing music when you take your bath. Just make sure you don't fall asleep!

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