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National Swimming Pool Day

Dip in your toes or get to deep water and dive in head first—it's National Swimming Pool Day. Swimming pools are used for swimming, of course, but they are used for many other leisurely activities as well. Water sports like volleyball and basketball are regularly played in swimming pools, as are underwater sports. Marco Polo is a common children's game. Aerobics and synchronized swimming are a few other activities swimming pools are used for.

The first swimming pool was likely the "Great Bath," built in present-day Pakistan in the 3rd millennium BCE. The ancient Greeks and Romans built pools, using them for athletic training, nautical games, and military exercises. Roman emperors had private swimming pools.

Swimming pools became more widespread in the mid-nineteenth century, gaining prominence in Great Britain. By 1837, there were at least six indoor pools with diving boards in London. Swimming clubs and associations were organized in England around the same time. The modern Olympic Games, which started in 1896, included swimming races, which helped to bolster the popularity of swimming pools.

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia clubhouse, built in 1907, has one of the world's first pools to be built above the ground floor. Following World War I, competitive swimming became more widespread in the United States. Home swimming pools rose in popularity after World War II. Regrettably, this in part was because of the desegregation of public pools. Home swimming sports were also featured in film at this time, helping to make them into status symbols.

In-ground pools and above-ground pools are two types of swimming pools. They can be a standard or custom size or shape. A number of materials can be used to build in-ground pools, such as concrete (including shotcrete and gunite), metal, plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, and stone. Above-ground pools can either be a free-standing structure or be built in a building or other structure. Small, temporary pools may be put up just for the summer. They are made of materials like polyvinyl chloride and sometimes are inflatable. Because of their diminutive size, some are referred to as kiddie pools.

Pools are located in many places beyond backyards. Municipalities often have pools designated for public use, and pools are found in fitness centers, health clubs, and private clubs. Any of these pools may be located indoors or outdoors. Separate pools designed for children are also common. Pools are found on cruise ships and ocean liners, in hotels, and in some high schools and universities. There are competition pools, and there are unique pools such as infinity pools, ocean pools, and natural pools. Swimming pools can be heated or unheated, they usually contain chlorine or saltwater, and some are equipped with slides and diving boards. No matter where they are located, what type they are, or what they are used for, swimming pools are celebrated today!

How to Observe National Swimming Pool Day

Some ways you could spend the day:

  • Go for a swim, play some games, or do some other activities in a swimming pool.
  • Buy a swimming pool. You could get one as simple as a kiddie pool, or you could make a big splash and purchase an above-ground pool or in-ground pool.
  • Get yourself some new pool toys like noodles or inflatable rafts.
  • Check out one of the best public pools or hotel pools in the United States.

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