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Brew a Potion Day

Brew a Potion Day is a jocular holiday intended for fun, not a day to use potions to harm anyone. The day is meant for people to brew up positive potions for their family and friends, such as love potions. "Potion" comes from the Latin word "potio" or "potionis," which means drink or beverage. Potions are seen as having magical properties. In mythology they were made by witches, sorcerers, fairies, dragons, and magicians, and were used to poison, heal, or bewitch people. Common potions are love potions, sleeping potions, and elixirs that heal or cure an ailment. Potions were common in alchemy and were popularly peddled to heal just about anything during the nineteenth century. The sellers of these snake oil potions came to be seen as frauds.

How to Observe Brew a Potion Day

Celebrate the day by brewing up some potions for your family and friends. Look online for some potion recipes to brew, or pick up a book to help you such as Potions, Herbs, Oils & Brews. You could also read a book that explores the history of potions, such as Pills, Powders & Potions: A History of Medication.

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