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Stewart's Root Beer Day

Stewart's Root Beer is enjoyed today on Stewart's Root Beer Day. The soft drink originated at Stewart's Restaurants, a root beer stand chain started in 1924 by Frank Stewart in Mansfield, Ohio. A school teacher, Stewart opened the stand to make extra money during the summer. It originally only had root beer and popcorn, and Stewart added extra salt to the popcorn to increase root beer sales. It became a chain when Stewart opened other locations, many with carhops, and became a franchise in 1931 when John and Ami Mandt expanded it into West Virginia. The restaurant goes by other names like Stewart's Drive-In and Stewart's Root Beer, and as of 2024, there were about thirty locations across the United States, most being in New Jersey, with locations also in Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The restaurants are known not only for their root beer—bottled, in frosted mugs, and in floats—but for hot dogs, and they offer other foods, too.

Apart from the restaurants, the root beer started being bottled commercially in 1990, when the bottling rights were acquired by the Cable Car Beverage Corporation. It comes in 12 fl. oz glass bottles with twist-off tops. Other flavors were added, starting with Ginger Beer and Cream Soda in 1992. Triarc purchased the company in 1997, and then Cadbury Schweppes PLC acquired it in 2000 along with Snapple and Mistic Brands. It is now part of Stewart's Fountain Classics soft drinks, which is part of Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. Now there are even more flavors: Grape, Orange 'n Cream, Cherries 'n Cream, Black Cherry Wishniak, Birch Beer, Key Lime, Diet Root Beer, and Diet Orange 'n Cream. There also are spiked seltzers and sodas.

How to Observe Stewart's Root Beer Day

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