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National FRUMP Day

National FRUMP Day is a day to be a frugal, responsible, unpretentious, and mature person. It is also a day to honor those who exemplify these characteristics in their lives. To be frugal is to be prudent, thrifty, or economical in use of things, resources, or money. To be responsible is to be reliable and accountable, and to have the capacity to make moral decisions and to carry out obligations. To be unpretentious is to be modest, while not being showy or ostentatious. Finally, to be mature is to be developed in the mind in such a way as to make sound judgments like someone who has experience.

How to Observe National FRUMP Day

Celebrate the day by being a person who is frugal, responsible, unpretentious, and mature. If you can focus on living out these qualities for a day, part of what you do may stick with you. If you can keep these qualities close to you in the future, you will be a sturdier individual in thought and action, and you will be more able to rely on yourself, and others will be able to rely on you as well. When you are frugal you will be able to focus on the things that really matter in life. When you are responsible you won't have to worry as much. When you are unpretentious you will be able to listen more to others and get their perspective. When you are more mature you will better be able to make decisions that impact you and those around you.

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