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National Farmer's Day

National Farmer's Day honors America's farmers throughout history. Their contribution to the success of the country is reflected upon, and present-day farmers are shown thanks and gratitude. About two percent of Americans are farmers. Their work not only keeps the country fed, but helps to feed multitudes around the globe. Their impact extends beyond supplying food: their work helps provide jobs for others. Industries including and related to trucking, railroads, clothing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, factories that manufacture food and drinks, fisheries, and forestry all benefit from the labor of farmers.

National Farmer's Day reputedly was once known as Old Farmer's Day and was observed as far back as the nineteenth century, a time when agriculture was more deeply rooted in the daily lives of Americans than it is today. National Farmer's Day has been observed at least since the turn of the twentieth century. October 12 is an appropriate date for it because it aligns with harvest time in much of the United States, or is shortly after its conclusion.

How to Observe National Farmer's Day

Some ways to take part in National Farmer's Day include:

  • Thank all the farmers and ranchers you know.
  • Reflect on the time and energy farmers spend to bring us food, and on the contributions they have made to the success of the United States.
  • Purchase produce, eggs, and meat from farmers at a farmers market. Ask the farmers about their farming practices.
  • Visit a pick-your-own farm and pick pumpkins, berries, apples, other vegetables, and flowers.
  • Join a CSA.
  • Find a local harvest festival or festival dedicated to farmers to attend. While some are held on National Farmer's Day, others take place on a nearby date. There are persimmon festivals, pawpaw festivals, and garlic festivals, to name a few. Loranger, Louisiana, hosts Old Farmer's Day.
  • Read a book about the history of agriculture.

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