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International STAND UP to Bullying Day

International STAND UP to Bullying Day is a semi-annual event that takes place in both February and November. The November event coincides with Anti-Bullying Week. Those participating in the day sign and wear pink "pledge shirts" to take a public stand against bullying. The shirts signal to those being bullied that they are supported, and stands up in a non-confrontational way against bullies. The day is observed by schools, workplaces, and organizations, in at least 25 countries around the globe. It first took place in February 2008, when 236 schools, workplaces, and organizations participated by wearing pink pledge shirts.

The day emerged from the acts of two Nova Scotian 12th graders. Travis Price and David Shepherd stood up when a fellow student was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. They bought 50 pink shirts in a discount store and emailed their classmates, urging them to get and wear the shirts the following day, to create a "sea of pink" to support the bullied student. Many students wore the shirts, and many also came to school in their own pink clothes. Their act of creativity and kindness gained notice around Canada, the United States, and beyond, and by the following year, International STAND UP to Bullying Day was created.

How to Observe International STAND UP to Bullying Day

Celebrate the day by helping to create an anti-bullying pink t-shirt campaign at your school or workplace, or at another organization you belong to. If there already is a day planned, all you need to do is participate. Wear a pink shirt and remind everyone why you are doing it: to STAND UP to bullying.

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