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Monkey Day

Monkey Day celebrates not only monkeys, but all simians, which include New World monkeys, Old World Monkeys, and apes. The day exists to bring awareness to the animals, and to show love and care for them. It was created by artists Casey Sorrow and Eric Millikin, when they were art students at Michigan State University in 2000. At first the day was celebrated by students at MSU, but it eventually gained a wider following after its creators' artwork and alternative comics, which featured Monkey Day, were published online and at exhibits. Today it is celebrated all around the world.

How to Observe Monkey Day

The day can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Monkey themed parties are common, and some people even dress like monkeys at them. Money for simians can be raised at your party, or at another event, or you can give directly to a simian related charity. Art exhibits are dedicated to the day, where the creators of the day as well as others participate. If you can't attend one of them, you could always draw your own monkey comic. This is an excellent day to visit the zoo, and some zoos even have Monkey Day events today. It's also a great day to watch films such as King Kong and the Planet of the Apes. Finally, there are a lot of links related to Monkey Day that could be explored.


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