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World Gin Day


  • the second Saturday in June (since 2009)


Founded by

  • Neil Houston in 2009


  • Drugs & Alcohol

  • Food & Drink



World Gin Day was started in 2009 by Neil Houston. Since 2013, it has been run by Emma Stokes—aka Gin Monkey—a gin enthusiast in the United Kingdom. Although the day was started, and is mainly celebrated in the United Kingdom, the day exists to get people to drink gin all around the world, and now there are events in about thirty countries. Gin traces its roots from a drink called jenever, and it is derived from juniper berries, which give it its distinct taste. Gin became popular in Great Britain, especially in London, during the mid to late 17th century, during the reign of William of Orange. During the first half of the 18th century, gin drinking was so widespread in Great Britain that the time is known as the "Gin Craze", and there was moral outrage which led to a legislative backlash. In the British colonies, gin was used to cover the taste of quinine, which was dissolved in carbonated water, and was used to fight malaria. This is where the gin and tonic comes from.

How to Observe World Gin Day

Celebrate the day by drinking gin! There are so many ways to drink it. Check out the World Gin Day website where you can organize and find gin events for the day, as well as find competitions leading up to the event. Also you may want to check out their Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram pages. If you are feeling really adventurous you can make your own gin.

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