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Image for Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

You may have celebrated the new year yesterday, but cats get to celebrate the new year today. Well, actually, according to the creators of the day, cats don't celebrate the new year, they celebrate the mew year. Get it? The official description of the day reads as such: Felines, ever above mere humans in the great chain of being, have a day unto themselves to celebrate the 'mewness' of a new time.

How to Observe Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

This day is supposed to be observed by letting cats celebrate the mew year. How is that done? If you have a cat, perhaps you could get them some special cat food, treats, or a mew toy. You could also dress them up in a mew outfit and a "Happy Mew Year" hat. Other ideas would be to get them a checkup at the vet for the mew year, and to play with them to try to get them to meow. If you don't have a cat, you could donate to a cat charity, spend the day volunteering at an animal shelter, or visit a cat cafe.


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