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Stupid Toy Day

Stupid Toy Day is a day when people reflect back on all the stupid toys they received while growing up. If they still have some tucked away, they take them out and see just how stupid the toys are. As this day takes place right before the holiday season, there are plenty of stupid toys that are all over stores, and being advertised on television. Kids are probably asking Santa for some stupid toys, and you may even be giving a stupid toy as a white elephant gift. It is open to interpretation as to what defines a stupid toy, but here are a few toys that have been pretty popular over the years, that just might be considered to be stupid:

How to Observe Stupid Toy Day

Celebrate the day by looking in your closet to see if you have any stupid toys from your childhood. If so, take them out to use for the day. Get some batteries back in your Teddy Ruxpin or Furby, and see if the toys still work. Let a Slinky fall down the stairs. Take out your Pet Rock and watch it sit there doing nothing. If you don't have any stupid toys, go out and buy whatever toy is this year's fad. If you don't know what that is, ask a kid what everyone is asking for for Christmas, and then you'll know. Now that you are grown up, maybe it's time to move away from stupid toys, and just buy stupid gifts instead.

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