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Goddess of Fertility Day

Goddess of Fertility Day celebrates fertility, life, and rebirth, and takes place a few days before the spring equinox each year. Fertility is the capability to produce offspring, and besides sexual behavior, it is contingent on a number of factors such as nutrition, culture, and economics. There are many goddesses of fertility. Perhaps the best-known goddess is Aphrodite, who is associated with love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation. Her Roman equivalent is Venus, and she is sometimes associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis. Before the spring equinox in ancient times, people prayed and made offerings to Aphrodite, in hopes of starting a family. Some people have called the day Ostara, which is the name of another fertility goddess. Ostara has her own separate day, though, which takes place in just a few days on the spring equinox.

How to Observe Goddess of Fertility Day

If you have been considering starting a family or having another child, today is a day to focus on doing so. It is a day for a little bit of lovemaking. But, in order to be successful, the lovemaking really needs to be done at the right time of the menstrual cycle. The average cycle is 28 days in length, with the ovulation period usually being somewhere between days 12-14 of the cycle. In order to increase the chance of conception, make love between days 10-20 of this cycle. For women with shorter menstrual cycles of 21-26 days, lovemaking should be started on day 6 or 8. For those with longer menstrual cycles of 30-36 days, it should be started on days 12 or 14.

A healthy body makes a healthy baby. If you are a woman hoping to conceive and carry a child, you should eat healthy foods and eliminate processed foods. If you smoke, drink, or take recreational drugs, now is the time to quit. These things can negatively affect a pregnancy, and make it harder to get pregnant or stay pregnant. Reducing stress is also important when trying to conceive. A less stressed out body is better able to produce the luteinizing hormone, which helps to trigger ovulation. This hormone also sustains an embryo after it is implanted.

If you are not looking to conceive children, the day can still be celebrated! It can be a day to begin any new projects that you have been wanting to get to. It may also be a day to plant seeds to begin growing new plants. Even if it is too cold to plant outside, you can plant a seed in some fertile soil in a pot, and transfer it outside as it begins to warm in the upcoming months.

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