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Clean Up Your Room Day

In general, Clean Up Your Room Day is a day that parents look forward to and that children dread. Children can't make excuses to not clean their room today; it's a holiday! But, parents or other adults aren't off the hook; this day applies to them as well. The day can be looked at as part of spring cleaning. It's a day to get rid of the dust, to clean the floors and under the bed, to pick up things that are out of place, and to organize.

How to Observe Clean Up Your Room Day

Celebrate the day by cleaning your room. Dust everything in sight. Sweep and mop the floors. Organize things that are out of place. Get rid of things you don't need or use anymore. Make a promise to yourself that you will keep your room clean from now on. If you have young children, show them how to clean and organize their room. If you have older children, have them clean their room on their own. If you inspect their room for cleanliness, make sure you let them inspect your room as well. Clean Up Your Room Day is for everyone!


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