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National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers

Law enforcement officers face danger on a daily basis, and some even give up their lives in the line of duty, being victims of gunfire, automobile accidents, and other tragedies. They regularly encounter horrifying events and must rely on other officers as their support system, not being able to share with the general public what they are dealing with. The emotional strain leads them to a higher rate of addiction and suicide as well.

Wives Behind the Badge, Inc., the group that first organized National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers in 2011, called on people from all faith backgrounds to come together in prayer to support law enforcement officers. They said of the day: "As law enforcement family members, we pray every day that our officers return home safely. We cry at the news of another fallen officer. And we reach out to the law enforcement community around us for support and reassurance. Now we are asking the community around us to do the same."

How to Observe National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers

No matter your faith background, say a prayer for law enforcement officers today. You could pray on your own, or join together at a place of worship, park, or city hall. Above all, pray that officers will come home safely from their shifts. But you could pray for so much more. Pray that they have courage and decisiveness and that their hearts are filled with compassion and a sense of service. Pray that they have peace of mind. Pray that others support them. Pray that their loved ones are protected and don't have to worry about their safety. Besides praying, this is also a befitting time to thank law enforcement officers for their service to their community.

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