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Hug a Drummer Day

Hug a Drummer Day is day to celebrate drummers, a group of percussionists who keep the rhythm and beat of music, but are usually the least celebrated musicians in a band, and are often neglected. The day was created to bring a little appreciation and exposure to drummers. It was started in 2013 by Glen and others from Drumming.Co, and is supported by various drum companies. There are many types of drums. Historically, drummers have had a role in military conflicts, accompanying troops into battle, while keeping a marching pace and raising troop morale. Drumlines descended from military drummers and now exist on their own or as an accompaniment to marching bands. Most modern western groups that play rock and roll, blues, jazz, pop, and other genres usually have a drummer with a drum kit—or drum set—who keeps the time and embellishes the music. In many countries around the world, traditional music is accompanied with various sizes of drums that are often played with the hands instead of drumsticks. In some large group ensembles and bands, drummers may be part of a rhythm section that plays various percussion instruments.

How to Observe Hug a Drummer Day

The day is celebrated by hugging a drummer. Find a drummer you know and remind them how important they are, and give them a hug. Since drummers are often underappreciated, this may be a good day to learn about some of the best rock and jazz drummers ever. The day could also be spent watching Whiplash or other films that deal with drums and drummers. More information about the day can also be found on the Hug a Drummer Day Facebook page.

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