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Celebration of Life Day

When Charlie Chaplin's character in the film Limelight is asked "What is there to fight for?" he starts his response by saying, "Life is a beautiful, magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish." Indeed, despite difficult days, life is beautiful, and we especially remember that on Celebration of Life Day. Originally a day meant just for celebrating children and grandchildren, by giving them extra attention and gifts, the holiday has expanded to celebrate all people. On the day, people reflect on their own lives; they celebrate the moment they are in, look back on where they have been, and plan for where they want to go. It is likely that January 22 was chosen for Celebration of Life Day because it is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, on which Roe vs. Wade Day is also observed.

How to Observe Celebration of Life Day

If you have children or grandchildren, celebrate their lives by spending the day with them and perhaps even giving them a gift. Rededicate yourself to being there for them, to offer them guidance and encouragement. You can also use the day to reflect on your own life. Celebrate your past and present while looking to the future. Make a list of everything in your life you are thankful for that is worth celebrating, from the big things like health, friends, family, and the place you live, to the small things like a good meal, the euphoria you feel after exercise, a prized possession, and a precious memory. Use the day to live your best day—set aside some time for some of your favorite things, and tackle tasks you must accomplish with the most zest and enthusiasm as possible. Celebrating the day with family and friends is a great idea, as they are one of the things that makes the day worth celebrating in the first place!

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