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Oscar The Grouch Day

This day celebrates Oscar the Grouch's birthday, the day on which he is the grouchiest. Episode 3,866 of Sesame Street revealed that Oscar's birthday was on June 1st, and many characters celebrated Oscar's birthday on the episode. Oscar does not want a happy birthday, and bets Telly that no one will be able to do something grouchy for his birthday. Throughout the episode various characters bring Oscar gifts, and do so in a grouchy manner. Maria reads him a poem that says "Happy greeting to you, irritating Grouch. Have a rotten day from here on out!" Big Bird brings him a gift but doesn't say anything to him then or the rest of the day. He receives a box that has no gift in it, and is given a chicken and mint pie with sardine frosting. He hits a garbage can piñata that breaks garbage onto him, and is treated to a rendition of "Grouchy Birthday to You!" Oscar sees he was mistaken and his friends can give him a grouchy birthday. But, Telly then gives him hugs and kisses. Oscar thinks the best thing about birthdays is you don't have to celebrate them for a whole year after they happen.

How to Observe Oscar The Grouch Day

One way to celebrate the day is to be downright grouchy, because that is what Oscar would want. This is also a good opportunity to bake the funkiest foul dessert you can think of with your friends or family. Nothing could top this treat off better than some sardine frosting! Filling a piñata with garbage from around the house would also be an appropriate way to celebrate Oscar's special day. Another way to celebrate would be to clean up garbage around your neighborhood. If you have children you could teach them about the importance of recycling and picking up trash.

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