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Wear a Star Day

Created by The [R] Project, a Christian non-profit group that helps give hope to parents and families that have experienced the loss of a child, "Wear a Star" Day memorializes the "'little stars' in heaven." These "little stars" are children who died at a young age, as well as stillborn children and children of miscarriages. Stars are worn today in order to spread hope. It doesn't matter whether people wear them on shirts, necklaces, stickers, or buttons, or in some other way, as long as they are wearing them so that people will notice them and ask why they are being worn. When people ask what the star means, wearers are to answer that "it's in honor of a 'little star.'"

How to Observe Wear a Star Day

Observe the day by wearing a star, whether it be a sticker, a shirt with a star, or something else. Wear it in such a way as to elicit questions from others about it. When others ask, let them know it is an honor of children that have passed away at a young age, and are now "little stars." This day holds special poignancy for those who have lost a child or are close to someone who lost a child, but anyone may observe the day. You can find out more about The [R] Project, the group behind the day, by visiting their website or Facebook page.


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