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child_friendly National Ass Day

National Ass Day celebrates the ass—an informal term for buttocks. Humans and other primates have asses, which are made of a top layer of fat on top of glute muscles. The two rounded portions of the ass are divided by the intergluteal cleft, which is known as a "crack." Females usually have wider and thicker asses than males, because they usually have wider hips and a higher percentage of subcutaneous fat.

Asses are often an important part of sexual attraction. Different cultures view the beauty of asses differently, as do individual people. A "Callipygian" is a word for someone with a beautiful ass. Many famous people are known for having beautiful asses. One such person, Kim Kardashian, posed in a 2014 issue of Paper magazine with her ass showing and the phrase "BREAK THE INTERNET."

If not done intimately, showing one's ass can be a moment of embarrassment. For example, someone who is the target of pantsing gets their pants pulled down until their ass shows, and will likely be humiliated. However, some people expose their own asses on purpose, in a prank known as mooning. Asses are often joked about, many phrases use the word "ass," and people are sometimes called asses. It is not all fun and games, though, as asses are sometimes used for corporal punishment. The fat on asses still allows pain but prevents a permanent injury from happening.

How to Observe National Ass Day

There are a lot of ways to celebrate National Ass Day. Here are a few:

  • Read some jokes about asses.
  • Use some phrases with the word "ass," such as "tight ass," "kiss ass," "move your ass," "haul ass," "pain in the ass," and "kick your ass."
  • We do not encourage this, but some people are known to do some mooning and pantsing on the day.
  • Watch Yoko Ono's 1966 film, No. 4, which was a film filled with asses.
  • Listen to some songs about asses.
  • Enter to be part of, or watch the next Miss Bum Bum, a North American ass competition.
  • Make sure you are being respectful when you celebrate. Don't be a total ass!


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