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No Pants Subway Ride Day

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  • No Pants! Subway Ride Day



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Things might look a little different for those riding the subway today. Participants in The No Pants Subway Ride travel on subways wearing winter coats and accessories like hats, scarves, and gloves, but don't wear any pants. Created by Improv Everywhere and its founder, Charlie Todd, The No Pants Subway Ride has been held since 2002. During the inaugural event, seven guys participated in the prank, where a new pantless rider entered a subway car at each consecutive stop in a New York City subway and acted like they didn't know each other, to the amazement of other riders. The goal then, and as it is now, is to confuse people, but also to give them a laugh.

New York City, where Improv Everywhere is based, is the flagship city for The No Pants Subway Ride. The small group of males that took part during the first year soon expanded and women were also participating by the second year. The day went international in 2008, and today dozens of cities in at least 25 countries take part. Some cities that regularly have pantless subway riders include Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Jerusalem, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Thousands take part in New York City, and tens of thousands participate around the world.

How to Observe No Pants Subway Ride Day

Celebrate the day by riding on a subway without wearing any pants! For greater effect, wear a winter coat, hat, gloves, and scarf while doing so. While it may be most rewarding to ride pantless in New York City, there are many other cities that take part where you could ride. And even if the city you are in hasn't taken part in the past, there's no reason it can't now, and you could be the first one to go pantless there. Visit the day's official website for more information and check out videos from past years for added fun.

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