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Dream Day

Dream Day exists "to focus attention on our millennium—so that all humans, nations and institutions devote every year to unparalleled dreams for a better world and thought, action, inspiration, determination and love to solve the remaining problems and achieve a peaceful, united human family on Earth." It was envisioned by Robert Muller, who was known as the Millenium Man, and it began being celebrated on his birthday in 1995. The new millennium came and Muller died in 2010, but the holiday has continued to be marked around the world.

The Bench of Dreams is in El Rodeo, Costa Rica, at the base of Mt. Rasur, near the University for Peace and the cottage where Muller once lived. The bench was created circa 1987 by Muller, along with Des Berghofer and Gerri Schwartz, who had come to visit the University for Peace. Those who now visit the bench are to put a stone or pebble into each of their hands, close their eyes, press their hands together, and dream. Once they open their eyes, they are to toss one of the stones to the Earth—into the nearby garden—so that it will remember the dream, and the other is to be taken home as a reminder of the dream.

How to Observe Dream Day

The day can be observed in Costa Rica, where it started, or in your own community. If you are able to travel to Costa Rica, you could visit the Bench of Dreams. There you are encouraged to put a stone in each of your hands, close your eyes, press your hands together, and dream. What should you dream about? You should dream for a better world and "to solve the [world's] remaining problems and achieve a peaceful, united human family on Earth." You could also visit the nearby University for Peace. If you aren't able to mark the day in Costa Rica, you could create a "Bench of Dreams" in your own community, and make your dreams for a better world there. You could also mark the day by reading one of Robert Muller's books.

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