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National Leave the Office Early Day

Laura Stack, a speaker, "Productivity Pro," and author of Leave the Office Earlier, found that Americans were working 49 hours a week on average, about 350 hours more per year than Europeans. These long hours affect work-life balance, health, and relationships. Stack created National Leave the Office Early Day so that people would have some time for themselves to recharge and let go of stress.

But the main focus of National Leave the Office Early Day is not on the getting out early part. Instead, the focus of the day is on using time wisely and increasing productivity and efficiency. By doing these things, more will be done in a shorter period of time, which will allow workers to leave early and to lower the number of hours they work in a week.

After putting in a productive day, workers get approval from their supervisors or bosses and are allowed to leave. Contrary to seeing the day as detrimental to business, bosses should see it as advantageous, as the goal of the day isn't for workers to do less work but to increase their efficiency and productivity. There are many things that workers can do with their time after work, such as volunteer, exercise, spend time with family, or enjoy a hobby.

How to Observe National Leave the Office Early Day

First, you should focus on improving your productivity and efficiency at work. Avoiding multitasking is one way to do so. Time can also be saved by using email, phone, and video for correspondence instead of attending face-to-face meetings, which often take too long and lack a clear purpose. Taking regular breaks is also important, as they give you time to stretch and to improve your concentration. Heavy lunches should be avoided at work, as they can cause you to become tired, and drain you of your productivity. After you put in a productive day at work, ask for your supervisor's permission and leave early. Use the extra time volunteering for an organization you care about, exercising, spending time with your family, or enjoying a favorite hobby. You could also use the time to read Laura Stack's Leave the Office Earlier.

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