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National Doll Day

Blogger Lanetta Scott of Texas searched the internet for a holiday dedicated to dolls but found none. It was her belief that dolls "and what they have brought to so many lives, in so many cultures throughout the ages, deserve their special day." After she found that Friendship Day was held on the first Sunday of August, she decided to place National Doll Day on that date as well. Sprott said dolls should be celebrated every day, but especially today.

Modeled after humans or human-like characters, dolls are one of the most enduring and popular children's toys. Early dolls were likely made of cloth, fur, or wood. Those made for religious purposes may predate those used as toys. Dolls were found in children's graves in ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Modern doll makers date to fifteenth-century Germany and Germany was the leading manufacturer of dolls from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century. Paris produced many dolls during this time too, particularly fashion dolls. It was also during the sixteenth century that dollhouses became popular in Europe.

Moveable eyes, socket joints, walking dolls, and dolls with voices were innovations of the nineteenth century. Paper doll books came at this time too. Doll heads of the era were made out of alabaster, terra-cotta, wood, and wax. Doll heads made of glazed porcelain and unglazed bisque (ceramic) became popular a few decades into the century. Molded plastic bodies came in the twentieth century. Before this, bodies were made of wood or wire or stuffed with sawdust. Some of the most iconic dolls of the twentieth century, from early in the century to later in it, were the Kewpie doll, Bye-lo Baby, Dy-dee doll and Betsy Wetsy doll, Barbie doll, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, and American Girls dolls. These and all other dolls are celebrated today with National Doll Day!

How to Observe National Doll Day

A few celebration ideas include:

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