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Flip a Coin Day

Flip a Coin Day is a day when all decisions can be made at the flip of a coin. The origin of the holiday is not known, but coin flipping itself dates back to Julius Caesar, who is said to have flipped a coin when the right choice was unclear. His image was on the heads side, so this was the right or "yes" side of the coin. "Navia aut caput", meaning "ship or head", became a coin flipping game in ancient Rome. Later in England, the game became cross and pile, and in the United States as Indian or Wheat, named after the two sides of the Indian Head penny.

How to Observe Flip a Coin Day

Flip a Coin Day can be celebrated by flipping a coin to make all your decisions on the day. You can flip a coin once for a decision, or multiple times and go with what showed up the most frequently. You can flip a coin to decide something you will personally do, or to decide who between two people should do something, such as taking out the trash or mowing the lawn.

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