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Treat Yo' Self Day

On NBC's Parks & Recreation, Donna—played by Retta—and Tom—played by Aziz Ansari—treat themselves on October 13th by buying things for themselves that they usually wouldn't buy. The day, Treat Yo' Self Day, first shows up in Season 4, Episode 4, titled "Pawnee Rangers," which was written by Alan Yang and aired on October 13, 2011. In the episode, Donna says the day is for buying "clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas (and) fine leather goods."

When Donna and Tom head out to celebrate, they bring Ben with them. After first going to the spa, they head to the mall. Among other things, Donna buys a crystal beetle pin and Tom buys an outfit made of velvet and cashmere items. At first, Ben only buys himself white socks, but after being encouraged, he treats himself to a Batman costume. Treat Yo' Self Day caught on with the viewing public following the airing of the episode, appeared in the series again, in the Season 7 episode "Save J.J.'s," and also has been embraced by NBC following the series' conclusion in 2015.

How to Observe Treat Yo' Self Day

Buy whatever makes you happy. Treat yo' self! Do you want some new clothes, a meal at your favorite restaurant, or a massage? Treat yo' self! Perhaps you could also treat yo' self to episodes of Parks & Recreation. In 2020, Peacock, NBC's streaming service, held a sweepstake to give away some items that people usually treat themselves to, so keep an eye out for similar offers today.

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