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Great American Grump Out

The Great American Grump Out is a day to focus on humor and positive behaviors, in an effort to lighten up the mood and ward off grumpiness, crabbiness, and rudeness for 24 hours. The day was started in 2002 by Janice A Hathy, an author and speaker who has presented stress reduction programs and has focused on improving mental, physical, and emotional health through her company Smile Mania.

The day is for replacing stress with smiling and laughing. Allowing negative attitudes to overwhelm oneself leads to stress, which leads to grumpiness. Stress can also be bad for health, raising blood pressure and suppressing the immune system. With the Great American Grump Out, steps can be made to not only be less grumpy but to improve overall health.

How to Observe Great American Grump Out

Celebrate the day by getting rid of your grumpiness and improving your overall health. Here are a few tips to get yourself on the right path:

  • Laugh and smile! Watch a funny film or read something with humor. Do whatever you can to get yourself laughing and smiling!
  • Exercise. Exercising tends to reduce stress and improve mood. It is bound to help you get rid of your grumpiness! If possible, exercise outside, with the sun and nature to further lift your spirits.
  • Listen to your favorite uplifting music.
  • Connect with others. Visit, call, or write to an old friend. Meet someone out for coffee. Visit someone who is lonely.
  • Shake it up! Do something you've never done before, or go to a place you've never been to before.
  • Do something selfless for others. Help out an elderly neighbor. Bake someone cookies. Volunteer.
  • Wear your favorite outfit or wear something funny-looking to get a laugh.

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