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Oftentimes Valentine's Day is seen as being a day where a man will go to great lengths to please his lover with gifts, flowers, and dinner. Exactly two months later, women receive cake and cunnilingus. Right in the middle of these two holidays is a "Man's Valentine's Day" of sorts—Steak and BJ Day. It is a day when men are given the attention, by receiving steak and blowjobs from their partners. The day also helps to fight breast cancer. Men donate money for breast cancer research, and their partner gets sent a customized invite to participate in the day, as well as guides about steak and blowjobs. There is a consensus that the day was the invention of radio DJ Tom Birdsey, who introduced it in 2002 on WFNX Boston, a now defunct station. He likely got the idea from another radio DJ, Dave Rickards, who in 1998 had proclaimed March 20 as Steak and Knobber Day on San Diego's KGB.

When the day rolls around, it probably makes sense for steak to come first, followed by a little sexual dessert, but the order really doesn't matter. Steak is a cut of meat, usually of beef, of which there are many types. It is commonly grilled, broiled, or pan-fried. In the United States, steak is often accompanied with a potato (oftentimes baked), rice, pasta, or beans. A small serving of cooked vegetables and bread, such as a dinner roll, commonly accompany the meal. Sometimes shrimp or lobster is served with the steak, and the meal is given the name "surf and turf," "reef and beef," or "pier and steer."

Fellatio is the technical term for a blowjob, and it comes from the Latin word fellātus, which means "to suck." Fellatio dates to ancient times and was described in the Ancient Indian Kama Sutra, from the first century CE. Cultural attitudes for the act range from reverence for disgust. In ancient Rome, it was considered taboo, but it is widely practiced in modern Western culture.

Steak and BJ day, also known as Steak and Blowjob day, is observed next on Saturday, March 14th, 2020. It has been observed annually on March 14th since 2002.

How to Observe

If you have a male partner, the day is celebrated by cooking them a steak and giving them a blowjob. If you are male, it is your day to receive these gifts. You can also sign up for the day: money will be donated to fight breast cancer, and your partner will receive an invite to participate in the day. Those on the giving end of the day could get ready by brushing up on their blowjob skills with some tips and video tutorials. Tips for cooking a steak could also be read, and steak recipes could be found. Steak and Blowjob Day apparel could also be purchased.

Occurrence Patterns

ObservedFirst YearLast Year
annually on March 14th2002-



Alternate Names

  • Steak and Blowjob day


  • Founded by Tom Birdsey in 2002

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