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National Working Moms Day

National Working Moms Day recognizes all working moms. On the day, working moms celebrate themselves by sharing their stories of resilience and celebrate other working moms by sharing their appreciation for them. Companies throughout the United States honor moms with special events, promotions, and other deals. National Working Moms Day was created by Working Moms of Milwaukee, a group of women who had gathered together to talk about issues that matter to moms in their community, who then decided to celebrate and recognize moms on a larger scale. They stated of the day: "We recognize all moms on this day because everything they do is work. Motherhood looks different for all of us and so does being a working mom. The day is all about raising awareness of all working moms in a positive way and recognizing the challenges that they tackle every day."

How to Observe National Working Moms Day

  • Share your stories of resilience and appreciation for other working moms on social media along with the hashtag #WorkingMomsDay and by tagging @workingmomsday.
  • Host an event at your business, at your job, or in your neighborhood that honors and celebrates moms.
  • If you own your own business, organize a promotion for moms. Depending on what type of business you have, this could mean discounts on merchandise, a complimentary tea or coffee, or a free work workout class for moms who visit your business today.
  • If you are an employer, provide lunch, flowers, or other forms of appreciation for moms who work at your company.

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