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Early Bird Day

It's rather likely you know what type of person an early bird is, and what the idioms "early bird gets the worm" and "early bird catches the worm" mean. The phrases have been in use in the English language at least since 1605 and are uttered quite frequently. An early bird will be among the first to arrive at a store when there is a limited amount of an item on sale, the first to arrive at a restaurant when it opens, and the first to arrive at a popular fishing spot in the morning. Just like the first Robin hopping on the morning dew looking for worms, they will have the best chance at success. Not much is known about Early Bird Day—apparently no one was being an early bird when it came to writing its history down, and its story now seems to have dove underground like a prized nightcrawler. But just as it's likely you know what an early bird is, it's also likely that Early Bird Day is for spending the day like an early bird.

How to Observe Early Bird Day

Be an early bird. Be the:

  • First to wake up in your household.
  • First family member to spot a bird eating a worm outside the window.
  • First of your neighbors to go for a run.
  • First of your neighbors to mow the lawn.
  • First person to arrive at the grocery store.
  • First person to get to work.
  • First to be at your favorite restaurant when it opens.
  • First to go to bed, so you can be an early bird again tomorrow.

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