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National Get Funky Day

National Get Funky Day was started by Funkytown Fitness of St. Augustine, Florida, "to help people break free of their comfort zones and let loose for a fun exciting day throughout the country." The day evolved from the way the "community happily came together to help complete strangers" following Hurricane Matthew in 2016. This funky day is dedicated to getting funky in any way possible, and is a day to "celebrate life, spread love, laughter, and light". Funky is defined in many ways, including, being "stylish," "unconventionally stylish," "exciting," "cool," "passionate," "soulful," "authentic," and "earthy".

How to Observe National Get Funky Day

Celebrate the day by getting funky! Well, what does that mean? It means you should be doing things a little bit different than normal by spicing them up and making them a little more exciting. If you can add a spark of originality to your day it might become contagious and others may join in too, lifting the mood of everyone. Here are some ideas on how to get funky:

  • Wear crazy colored or bright colored clothes.
  • Listen to, and share with others a lot of funk music.
  • High five and hug people.
  • Let your hair down, get a crazy haircut, or dye your hair.
  • Do something fun you've been meaning to do but haven't found the courage to do yet.
  • Do the funky chicken, or another dance.
  • Make some funky food and share it with your friends.

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