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National Actors Day

Casting director Helen McCready was aware that without actors she wouldn't have her job. When she saw an advertisement on Facebook for Free Slurpee Day, she wondered if there was a National Actors Day. When she couldn't find one, she thought that wasn't acceptable, and set out to create such a day herself.

McCready created National Actors Day as a way to give thanks to the hard-working actors who give their time and energy to audition for casting directors. Actors use their time and money, paying for headshots, classes, and more so that they are prepared to audition for hundreds of roles over their lifetime, without any guarantee of a job. National Actors Day acknowledges their dedication, enthusiasm, and perseverance to the industry. It celebrates all levels of actors, but particularly everyday actors: those who work hard but might not be recognized.

For a number of years, an official event for the day was held in Los Angeles. For example, there was an event at the Libertine Restaurant on Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood during the first observance. The event had celebrity guests, live music and other entertainment, opportunities to meet industry professionals, raffles, and a drop box for headshots and resumes.

How to Observe National Actors Day

Some ideas on how to observe the day include:

  • Check if there is an official National Actors Day event being held in Los Angeles that you can attend.
  • Give thanks or a shout-out to any actors you know, especially if you are a casting director.
  • If you are an actor or aspiring actor, make plans to audition for some roles, update your headshot, sign up for an acting class, or read a book about acting.
  • Read Helen McCready's book Audition & Book It!
  • Read a book about an actor.
  • Watch one of the greatest films of all time or a film starring your favorite actor.

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