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National Career Nursing Assistants' Day

Nursing assistants are hands-on caregivers who go by many related names and titles, such as direct care workers, certified nursing assistants (CNA), licensed nursing assistants (LNA), restorative nursing assistants (RNA), home health aides (HHA), home care assistants, state tested nursing assistants (STNA), resident assistants, geriatric assistants, patient care assistants, and restorative aides. They provide hands-on care to those who need assistance with daily tasks—perhaps 90% of the direct care these patients need. They "provide predictability and stability to care," which "enhances the feeling of security for our aging, frail, or chronically challenged population."

Taking place on the first day of National Nursing Assistants Week, National Career Nursing Assistants' Day recognizes nursing assistants and other direct-care workers for their contributions to the care and well-being of others in nursing homes, homes, hospitals, and other long-term care settings. The day makes the workers more visible and lessens the concerns of family members of those who need special care. Events are held on the day and during the week, including programs, projects, and recognition events, and mayors make proclamations.

How to Observe National Career Nursing Assistants' Day

Recognize and honor all nursing assistants and direct care workers today. Some ways to mark the day include:

  • Organize or take part in programs, projects, and recognition events taking place near you.
  • Ask your mayor to make a proclamation for National Nursing Assistants Week.
  • Organize a poster or essay contest about creating a neighborhood or community of caring.
  • If you work with nursing assistants, create posters made up of "thank you" notes from family members of patients and staff for the nursing assistants.
  • If you are a nursing assistant or direct care worker, educate the public, government agencies, and elected officials about the nature of your work and what you need to be successful in your field.
  • If you are a nursing assistant, you could join the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants.
  • If you are a nursing assistant with 20 or more years of experience, you could join the National Honor Society for Nursing Assistants.
  • Join the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants group on Facebook.

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