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National Workaholics Day

"Workaholic," a word that began being used widely in the late 1960s, blends the words "work" and "alcoholic." Workaholics are addicted to work and leave other pursuits by the wayside. Sometimes this is because they really enjoy their work, but sometimes it is because they have an unhealthy compulsion to do it.

A work-life balance is essential for physical and mental health. Workaholics may be unwittingly harming themselves by adding stress and not getting enough sleep. Some workaholics may also have obsessive-compulsive disorder. National Workaholics Day raises awareness about these negative effects of being a workaholic. It is a day for workaholics to take a break, relax, and reassess and plan how they will give other parts of their life more focus in the future.

How to Observe National Workaholics Day

If you are a workaholic, take a break from your routine and reassess how you can move forward in a healthier way. How can you get to the point where work isn't controlling your life, and you have time for other pursuits as well? You should spend the day relaxing while you think about these things. Take a nap, take a walk, or watch a movie to get your mind off your work.

If you aren't a workaholic, celebrate the ones you know. You can acknowledge their many accomplishments, but you should stress the health risks of constantly working and the need for a work-life balance. Lead by example, and take them somewhere to do something that is as far removed from their work as possible. Take them for a hike in a park, to the beach, or out for a movie and a meal. If you aren't a workaholic, you could also try to be one for a day. Get to your job early, skip your lunch, and stay late. Does that sound like something healthy to do daily? I didn't think so—that's why National Workaholics Day is so important.

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