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National Hand Holding Day

Hand holding is done by many different people for various reasons and is celebrated today. Parents hold the hands of their children to guide them and reassure them. Children hold the hands of each other to show friendship and to help each other. Couples hold hands to show affection. Strangers hold hands at vigils as a sign of solidarity to a cause. The hands of the elderly are held to show caring and reassurance as life slips away. No matter what type of hand-holding is practiced, it brings a feeling of closeness. Oxytocin is released, which lowers stress and bring other psychological benefits. This is the same chemical that is released during other acts of affection, such as hugging.

How to Observe National Hand Holding Day

Celebrate the day by holding hands: Hold the hand of your significant other. Hold the hand of a child. Hold the hand of a parent or grandparent. Hold the hand of someone in trouble or in need. If everyone around the world celebrated today, the world would be a little bit less stressed and a little bit more relaxed.


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