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Stepmother's Day

Stepmothers often play the role of mothers—they care for and raise their stepchildren, providing them with time and energy, and emotional and financial support. Mother's Day is often an awkward day for them, where they may not get acknowledged at all or may feel awkward for being honored, as they aren't actually the biological mothers of their stepchildren. They may also feel they do not want to get between the biological mothers and their children on the day as well. Stepmother's Day honors the separate and unique relationship and bond that stepmothers have with their stepchildren.

In 2000, the day was created by Lizzie Capuzzi, a nine-year-old from Pennsylvania who wanted to celebrate her stepmother, Joyce. She decided it should be celebrated the Sunday after Mother's Day, and Joyce and Lizzie let Senator Rick Santorum know about the day by sending him a letter. On July 11, 2000, Santorum spoke on the Senate floor, supporting stepparents, acknowledging the day, and that Lizzie created it. This was published in the Congressional Record.

How to Observe Stepmother's Day

If you have a stepmother, make sure to visit or call them today. Make new memories and strengthen your bond with them by spending time together, or taking a day trip somewhere with them. You could give them flowers, a card, or other gifts. Perhaps you could get them a gift related to something they are into, letting them know you value their unique interests. If you have a wife who is the stepmother to your children, and your children are still quite young, you could encourage and help your children to plan something for Stepmother's Day. If you are a stepmother, you could celebrate the bond you have with your stepchildren by spending the day with them and doing something you enjoy doing together. There are various books about being a stepmother you could also read on the day.

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