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National Good & Plenty Day

There's no need to hide your sweet tooth today because it's Good & Plenty Day! Good & Plenty, made up of white and pink candy-coated pieces of black licorice, is the oldest brand of candy made in the United States. First produced in 1893 by the Quaker City Confectionery Company in Philadelphia, it is now made by The Hershey Company. Good & Plenty's memorable Choo Choo Charlie commercials first aired in 1950. They featured Choo Choo Charlie the train engineer powering his locomotive with Good & Plenty, shaking a Good & Plenty box in a circular motion, and singing a jingle based on "The Ballad of Casey Jones." From beginnings in the nineteenth century, to small screen stardom in the twentieth century, to being the focus of a holiday in the twenty-first century, Good & Plenty has been on quite a journey!

How to Observe National Good & Plenty Day

Celebrate by enjoying some Good & Plenty! While you're at it, watch some old Choo Choo Charlie commercials and find an old Choo Choo Charlie board game to play.


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