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International Tiara Day

International Tiara Day is a day for everyone to wear a tiara and have the opportunity to feel like royalty. It is also "a day when all women embrace and celebrate their powers of leadership." The day was started by Barbara Bellissimo to go along with her self-improvement program, Seasons of Success. It was held in 2005 as a one-time event. In 2008, Lynanne White of the American Rose Bridal shop in Poulsbo, Washington, got permission from Bellissimo to permanently adopt the holiday. White realized it took place on the birthday of Queen Victoria and decided to keep it on the date.

A tiara is a jeweled, ornamental crown, often made of a precious metal. Tiaras are usually worn by women, often at formal occasions. Royalty, as well as some socialites commonly, wear them. Tiaras made of less precious metals or of plastic are known as costume jewelry and are worn at homecomings, proms, quinceañeras, and weddings. Winners of beauty pageants are sometimes crowned with tiaras, and young girls dressing up as Disney princesses wear them as well.

"Tiara" was the name for headdresses that were worn by Persian kings. In ancient times, both men and women wore head ornaments that are similar to tiaras, in order to show their high status. For example, the Ancient Greeks and Romans wore wreath-shaped head ornaments. As the Roman Empire declined and Christianity spread, tiaras became less prevalent. There was a revival of tiaras in the late eighteenth century, but they were almost exclusively worn by women. Napoleon gave his wife Joséphine de Beauharnais tiaras, which helped to popularize them.

Queen Elizabeth II has perhaps the largest and most valuable collection of tiaras in the world. She has worn them at many state occasions and inherited many of them from other queens. Various queens, princesses, and empresses wear tiaras—tiaras are particularly known for being worn by the royalty of the Swedish, Danish, Dutch, and Spanish. Socialites began wearing them during the Victorian Age, and by the 1920s flappers were wearing them as well.

How to Observe International Tiara Day

Celebrate the day by wearing a tiara! It doesn't matter what your gender is or how cheap or expensive of a tiara you wear! Although anyone can wear a tiara today, the day is particularly geared towards women as a day for them to "embrace and celebrate their powers of leadership" as well.

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