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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Created in 1997 by Camp Fire, Absolutely Incredible Kid Day celebrates children by encouraging adults to write them a letter or tell them how much they appreciate them, and how incredible they are. It exists to encourage and uplift children, and ultimately, to change their lives. Adults participate by writing letters or notes, or by making a video or sharing a message on social media. The goal of the day is for every child in America to receive a letter or message.

How to Observe Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Celebrate the day by telling the children in your life what makes them absolutely incredible. Maybe they help others, are respectful to everyone, or use their talents for good. Tell them how proud of them you are, how much you value them, and how they have changed your life for the better. They could be your children, your grandchildren, or your nieces and nephews. They could be your neighbors, your students, children of your friends, or any other kids you know.

You could tell them in person how incredible they are, or you could write them a note or letter, or even an email. You could also include them in a social media post or send them a video message. Perhaps something handwritten is best, as it is something they can keep and look back at in the future to give them inspiration. If you are celebrating your own children today, you could surprise them by putting a letter under their pillow or include one with their lunch.

Through Camp Fire, you can also nominate an Absolutely Incredible Kid each year. Check their website dedicated to the day for this year's nomination form. You can also contact Camp Fire about holding an event in your workplace or becoming a national partner for the day.

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