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International Day of Pink

International Day of Pink aspires to create a more inclusive and diverse world. It promotes acceptance, equality, and taking a stand against bullying. Pink shirts are worn in solidarity with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, who continue to face hate, discrimination, bullying, and violence. Keeping the clock from turning back on human rights, educating youth not to repeat the mistakes of the past, encouraging youth to challenge social norms and ask more of their educators, and demanding more from policymakers are some goals of the day.

David Shepherd and Travis Price, seniors at Central Kings Rural High School near Cambridge Station, in Nova Scotia, Canada, started International Day of Pink after they saw a freshman being bullied and threatened with getting beat up for wearing a pink shirt. They bought 50 pink shirts at a discount store and sent emails to their male friends asking them to wear them to school. Their line of thought was that 50 people couldn't be bullied at once. But the "sea of pink" ended up being much larger than they had anticipated. Not only were the 50 shirts worn, but many other students wore pink as well.

By the end of the week, "pink day" was being held at other schools in Nova Scotia. The media picked up on it and word of the day continued to spread, and schools all around the country took part the following week. Subsequently, Jer's Vision formally created International Day of Pink. Now known as The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity, they continue to be the organizers of the day, which schools and millions of people around the world take part in.

How to Observe International Day of Pink

Students, educators, parents, policymakers, and anyone who wishes to promote acceptance and equality can participate in the day. The simplest way to take part is to wear pink and to share the story about why you are doing so if given the opportunity. Encouraging others to wear pink is also important.

Some other ways to take part include:

  • Sharing the International Day of Pink website.
  • Sign up for the International Day of Pink newsletter.
  • Donate to support the day.
  • Download and explore resources for the day.
  • If you are a politician or community leader, you can become a Day of Pink Ambassador. Send an email for more information on how to become one.
  • Organize an event such as an office lunch, fundraiser, bake sale, speaking engagement, documentary film showing and discussion, or flash mob.
  • Volunteer for a 2SLGBTQIA+ organization in your community.
  • Attend the gala that The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity holds on the day.

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